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I AM THE ABYSS is a new fiction anthology of horror and dark fantasy examining an ancient concept: the afterlife. This anthology is based on the notion that reality expands far beyond human ego; that no predetermined metaphysical space awaits us when we die, but instead we are plunged into the innerworkings of our own minds. Here you will find subconscious shadows of your dead loved ones. You will find manifestations of your deepest desires and darkest fears only experienced in your dreams and nightmares. It is the inversion of your consciousness from perceiving the shared observable reality into perceiving only the subconscious thoughts and memories that define you.

Within these pages you will find ten unique interpretations of the underworld based on ten disparate Mortal Paths. Each features a different person who has reached the end of their time in the Birth World and is now navigating through the depths of their personal abyss. Each person was a dark or tortured soul, each story a perilous yet enlightening adventure.

This tome will consist of ten stories, each around novella length. Writers Laird Barron, Michael Marshall Smith, Kealan Patrick Burke, Reggie Oliver, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Steve Rasnic Tem, Jeffrey Thomas and three others will be giving us access to the minds of some of the darkest among us. Award-winning artist Les Edwards will create full color two-page panoramic illustrations for each story, giving us windows into the subconscious depths of each dark mind. Between the stories a meta theme will be woven, examining the nature of the human mind and our flawed interpretations of consciousness and our inevitable exits from the physical world.

Les Edwards 16"x8" color spread based on new novella "Acheron" by Jeffrey Thomas within I AM THE ABYSS

Les Edwards 16"x8" color spread based on new novella "Torn" by Steve Rasnic Tem within I AM THE ABYSS

I AM THE ABYSS will be presented in two signed limited edition hardcover formats: Your Heart is Black and I Am Gateway. Both editions will be offered in a unique 8”x8” size, displaying the original color illustrations by artist Les Edwards in stunning sixteen inches across both pages. The book will also be offered in trade paperback and ebook editions.

Your Heart is Black will be bound in black leather, have black dyed page edges, a ridged spine and will feature the title and a unique design stamped into the book in gold and blank stampings. It will be printed on an offset press on acid free paper and feature Smyth sewn binding for maximum durability and longevity. A full color wraparound dust jacket and black satin book ribbon will be featured. The tome will be housed in a black leatherette-bound slipcase and will feature all interior artwork in striking full color. Limited to 300 signed and numbered copies worldwide, Your Heart is Black will be signed by all ten authors, artist Les Edwards and editor Chris Morey.

I Am Gateway will be limited to ten signed and uniquely remarqued copies worldwide, each of the ten copies will be based on one of the ten dark minds explored throughout the book; each signature sheet will contain a unique sketch of the person that the respective copy is based on. Bound in black goat skin, embedded in the front cover with an emblem/object from the subconscious journey of the respective character, printed offset on acid free paper with Smyth sewn binding for maximum durability and longevity. Deckled page edges, an imported black silk book ribbon and exclusive bonus illustrations will be featured as well. Each I Am Gateway will include a handwritten scroll from the respective character, detailing some of their plight in the depths of their own subconscious, personally signed. The book will be housed in a premium traycase bound in genuine black cowhide and will be blank stamped and gold stamped with a unique design to represent a personal gateway into the underworld. Including six extra copies for contributors/extras in case of damage, only sixteen copies of the I Am Gateway edition will ever be produced worldwide. It will be designed in collaboration with Larry Roberts, veteran publisher and expert book crafter of high-end lettered editions. This edition will be hand-bound by the specialty binder responsible for the lettered editions of Clive Barker’s Weaveworld, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. Signed by all ten authors, editor Chris Morey, artist David Ho, artist Menton J. Matthews III and artist Les Edwards.

29 Day Kickstarter Campaign Launching on August 25th 2015 Featuring Campaign-Exclusive Front Cover by Menton3 to Fund Project

To be published by Dark Regions Press, I AM THE ABYSS is one of the most ambitious projects the award-winning publisher has pursued. With a stellar record of publishing specialty projects from some of the best names in horror, fantasy and science fiction since 1985, readers and collectors alike can be assured of the utmost quality in all editions of the book.

Because expenses are significantly higher for this tome than the average project, a Kickstarter campaign will be launched in 2015 for customers and collectors to preorder their copies of the anthology. During the Kickstarter, campaign-exclusive copies of I AM THE ABYSS featuring a campaign-exclusive original front cover from world renowned artist Menton J. Matthews III (Menton3) will be offered that won’t be sold for retail sale after the campaign. Those who secure their copy of the book during the campaign will also have their copy signed by Menton3. The Kickstarter campaign is launching on Tuesday, August 25th 2015.


Join the new I AM THE ABYSS Facebook page to follow updates about the new anthology and progress on stories, illustrations by artist Les Edwards, plans for the campaign launch and more: https://www.facebook.com/IAmTheAbyss

Eventually, this website will be used as a one stop location to order the book, read about and from it, view some of the artwork and more. The same will be available on DarkRegions.com.

Explore ten unique visions of the underworld accompanied by the fantastic artwork of award-winning artist Les Edwards within the pages of I AM THE ABYSS: a new anthology edited by Chris Morey to be published by Dark Regions Press in 2015.

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